Create a Celebrity Brand Through Authentic Storytelling

Plenty of entrepreneurs think they can hide behind a product and some slick marketing, never revealing much about themselves. It may surprise you to learn that people don’t buy from you simply because your product or service is awesome. The truth is that people buy from you when you inspire them to improve their own situation.

So how do you inspire them to change? By explaining what you’ve gone through and how you’ve gained the knowledge and skills to grow into the person you are today. By telling your story, you are well on your way to creating a celebrity brand.

Your Story Must Be Real and True
It’s all too tempting to curate a façade in hopes you can sucker people into thinking you’re some glossy, perfect person who has it all figured out and who never makes mistakes. Ironically, trying to fake it in this way is the biggest mistake of all.

Many people can see through a “perfect” veneer. And even if some in your audience have no B.S. detector, seemingly flawless people are totally unrelatable. If your story doesn’t resonate, you won’t be able to draw a crowd who is truly connected to you—a community of likeminded individuals who are awaiting your next move so they can learn from you.

The key to creating a celebrity brand for your business boils down to one word: authenticity. When you tell your raw, authentic life story—the struggles and obstacles you overcame and how you did it—you inspire others to take action.

How to Write Your Brand Story
I’ve experienced first-hand how this phenomenon of authentic storytelling can elevate your brand and your business. In my life, I’ve faced significant personal challenges, which I had to struggle to overcome. I was a drug addict. I dropped out of college. I’ve wrestled with every possible negative emotion a human being could. Due to these factors and others, I was wildly insecure.

Yet, even with a staggering number of obstacles, I was eventually able to break free from these blocks and better my life. Today, I live a life that many people only dream of. It was only by facing my demons that I was able to evolve into a person that others can respect and listen to.

How do you craft your own story in order to create your celebrity brand? First ask yourself: how have I struggled? Revisit those rough moments in your life when you were at your most vulnerable. Then look at how you overcame these hardships. What skills did you have to develop? What outside resources helped you? Share all of those moments in your own words.

Those authentic moments are what people want to hear about—in fact, it’s what they need to hear about. If you think no one cares about your story and hardships, you are very wrong. People need to hear how you overcame adversity to create a dream life. And, it all starts with your one, honest authentic story.

The Power of Authentic Storytelling: Creating Real Connections
Creating connection with others means sharing personal details about your life. It’s about being brave and starting the conversation so that others can hear your story and think, “This happened to you, too? Now I don’t feel so alone.” People connect over shared challenges we’ve experienced in our own lives.

One of the most well-known bloggers in the world, Glennon Doyle Melton, first found fame by authentically sharing her mega-flawed history of insecurity and addiction on Momastery. Her raw, honest accounts of an imperfect life drew an enormous following. Melton later parlayed these experiences into lucrative speaking engagements, plus two best-selling memoirs.

Best-selling author and in-demand coach Brendon Burchard shares the story of how he survived a car wreck that caused him to consider questions that people only face on their death beds: “Did I live fully? Did I love openly? Did I make a difference?” He shares his story to connect with his audience and to help them “share their true voice with the world.”

Each of these entrepreneurs found substantial income and a chance to share their authentic stories with ever-growing audiences. Such connections have undoubtedly helped others who are grappling with the same life challenges to persevere and overcome.

Where to Share Your Authentic Story
How will your audience find you so they can connect with you? There are so many mediums and platforms on which to share your story with others. Video, blogs, and social media all allow you to use visuals to add weight to your story, which can help enhance your authentic connection with your audience. It’s vitally important to focus on which platforms align best with your branding, your audience demographic, and your goals and talents.

Some find that video is the best means to share their message in an authentic way, since they can speak “directly” to their online audience. Facebook Live and other instant video messaging apps allow entrepreneurs to reach their audience in real time, which boosts immediate connection and recognition.

Increase Your Celebrity Presence
One important piece of building a celebrity-like brand based on your authentic story is distribution. Focusing solely on your blog isn’t enough to earn celebrity status; you’ll need to cast your net widely over social media outlets and other platforms like YouTube so your content is widely viewed and shared.

That means maximizing your social media presence, guest blogging on other websites, starting a podcast, giving radio interviews, and booking TV appearances (are you tired yet?!).

The bottom line is that the more outlets and avenues you use to spread your story, the greater the likelihood you’ll develop a celebrity brand. It will take some hustle, but you have the ability to earn national recognition.

Seek Outside Help
One of the most challenging aspects of building a celebrity brand is knowing how to spend your time. There are only so many hours in each day, and you’re just one person!

When you’re getting started building your celebrity brand, it may be useful to hire a consultant. If you’re just getting started, then budgetary constraints will likely prevent you from hiring someone full-time. Even if you employ a branding and marketing pro for a few hours each week on a freelance basis, that can free up your time to focus on maximizing the best opportunities.

Your freelance help can also ghost write your content, handle your social media, update your website, and book your media appearances. Outsourcing can help you focus your time and energies on the most impactful ways to spread your authentic story and grow your business.

Your authentic story has the power to turn your name into a celebrity brand. Don’t shy away from revealing real, honest life experiences to connect with your audience. Your personal challenges can help others learn to live their own best lives.

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