What do I believe in?

It was this line of questioning that lead me on the ultimate journey of discovering my true self and my life’s purpose. My quest for a thriving lifestyle business now fills my heart with love and illuminates my soul. Best of all, I’ve found I have the ability to serve others selflessly. This incredible journey will only end when I take my last breath. It’s my expectation that, in the end, my name and passion will impart a lasting legacy. My work and my passion will make a true difference. Sounds amazing, right?

Because Not Knowing
Almost Cost Me My Life.

In 2002, I was rushed to the hospital in the throes of a massive drug overdose. The emergency room doctor asked, “What happened?” I looked him dead in the eye and said, “I wanted to see how much cocaine I could do before it killed me.” That answer landed me in the psych ward for four days. To say this experience was anything short of terrifying would be an understatement. The irony of the whole ordeal was that I was not actively suicidal, just severely feeling insecure, depressed, and floundering. I felt like I was drowning each and every day. When I was using, the drugs transported me from my daily pain. For a brief moment, the drugs would bury my insecurities. When I was using, I could feign temporary amnesia about the traumatic memories which haunted my past.

I Started To Think Of Myself As A Winner.

In late 2006, I scored a high-powered corporate position with the largest mortgage lender in the country. I felt incredibly lucky for this stroke of fortune. I didn’t want to screw up this high-powered job, so I sobered up—cold turkey. It would be the last time I ever used drugs again. I was determined to change my harrowing life for the better. I figured money and success would prove to both myself and my family that I was not a loser. Little did I know that my addiction still burned alive and well inside me. It turns out that I had merely swapped one all-consuming addiction with another.

Maybe You've Heard Of This Drug... Money?

At the time, I didn’t know that I would trade my drug addiction for an equally enticing high. I was no longer addicted to drugs—now, I was a full-court press money-making addict. The top execs at my company were making serious coin. I wanted in on their blue-chip lifestyle, so I studied their moves like a hawk. I set a personal goal to strive to become the top-ranked salesperson in my office. Within a year, I had smashed that goal when I became the top account executive in the entire company!

This pivotal life experience happened because I started to believe in myself again. My company flew me out to Las Vegas for their awards ceremony. I was thrilled and honored to receive recognition in front of my peers. That night, I was the recipient of several awards, including “Account Executive of the Year.”

I discovered my true self again.
I discovered my life's purpose.

This whole time it was inside me, buried deep within. I have a new addiction now. It’s called Love!

My new purpose is “taking all of life’s lessons and making an impact in the world.” Even if I only help one person by doing this, it will be well worth it. I know God created me with something powerful in mind. I know he chose me to help set others free. Maybe that’s why you’re reading this. To free yourself from your mind…to free yourself from the lies you tell yourself, the past failures that aren’t your fault, and the possibilities for your future!

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